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Information you need to know about Cancer

Information you need to know about Cancer

We know that the human body is made up of billions of different cells and different cells have different functions. This system is in control of an amazing phenomenon that balances the division of the cells. When this control goes under some problem, the uncontrol cell division occurs due to mutation in the genes of cells. This uncontrolled cell division is called cancer. Cancer also attacks the nearby cells and spread the disease. Cancer is not only of one type, different cells have different kinds of cancer and their treatments are also different. The most common form of cancer in women is Breast cancer and in men Prostate cancer.

Types of Tumors:

1. Benign (noncancerous):

These tumors do not spread to the other parts of the body. Lipoma in the skin is a benign tumor.

2. Malignant Tumor:

These tumors spread to other parts of the body. For example, Pancreatic cancer.

How does Cancer Spread?

A cancer tumor occurs at a specific area of the body but when it is not treated, it starts to spread and affect other organs too. This process is known as metastasis. Tumor spread through one of three paths of metastasis known as Transcoelomic Lymphatic, and Hematogenous spread. In Transcoelomic spread, the malignancy (the cancerous cells able to reach other body parts) spread. These harmful cells penetrate through the peritoneal cavities that segment the body cavity. In the Lymphatic spread, the harmful cells pass through the Lymphatic system which provides a large network to cancer. In the Hematogenous spread, the malignant cells pass through the blood vessels and move in the long distance in the body. Mostly, cancer spreads to the lymph nodes, lungs, brain, and bones. If cancer spreads in lymph nodes, the symptoms that occur are swelling in the neck, swelling under the arm, shortness of breath, etc. If it reaches the brain then the symptoms include dizziness, nausea, visual problem, headache, etc.

The Growth Speed of Cancer:

The growth rate of different cancers also differs. For example, Acute Myeloid Leukemia(cancer of blood and bone marrow), large B-cell Lymphoma, etc are included in the fastest growing cancers. The slowest growing cancer is The Carcinoid tumor. This is the type of Neuroendocrine tumor, it grows from Neuroendocrine cells which are present in the organs of the whole body. 

Stages of Cancer:

Stages of cancer are used to describe the location and growth of cancer. There are four stages of cancer but some cancers also have stage zero. 0 stage cancer is also called “Situ” which means “in place”. This stage can be cured because the cancer tumor is still present in the place where it starts, or some abnormal cells can become cancer. Stage 1 cancer means that cancer is very small and doesn’t spread to the other body parts. Stage 2 cancer spread to the lymph nodes but still not to other parts of the body. In stage 3 cancer grows to a distinct size and spreads to some tissues and organs. Stage 4 is sometimes related to metastasis because the tumors spread to the other parts of the body. In the last weeks of cancer patients’ weaknesses increase because of which, they spend most of their time on the bed.

Food that cause Cancer:

1. Smoked Meat:

Grilling the meat charred the meat and produces possibly cancer-causing compounds. Smoked meat consists of nitrates and nitrites and when smoked meat is cooked nitrates and nitrites are converted into N-nitroso which can cause cancer.

2. Farm Fish:

It causes cancer because farm fish are fed an unnatural, artificial diet that includes pollutants and chemicals, etc. 

Food that fight Cancer:

1. Berries:

Berries are the source of vitamin C and also contain antioxidants that protect the body from many cancers. Berries are bioactive compounds and are highly potential at reducing the growth of cancer tumors, especially oral cancer.

2. Carrots:

Consumption of carrots safe the body from a variety of cancers mostly prostate cancer. Some studies show that the Alpha-Carotene in carrots reduces the risk of Prostate cancer.

3. Garlic:

Garlic has antibiotic and antioxidant.

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