Branding for a Luxury Art-Oriented Hotel.


Branding for a Luxury Art-Oriented Hotel.


Pencil Sketching, Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop.

Brand Overview

Castle is a Resort Hotel in New York, USA opened in 2017. It is a luxury Art-Oriented Interior providing high-end quality services to its customers.


Brainstorming Ideas on the task to design a Logo for a Hotel, most people will imagine something connected with shape of Building & Hotel. That’s a natural & very quick association. The Client wanted to follow the same approach but we wanted them to stand out from the Crowd so our team suggested the Client to go with something related to their Brand Name: Castle and Client agreed on that Idea but he wanted the Logo to be Minimal and Luxury.

When the direction was chosen, the team started the creative process. The first stage was silhouette searching. The pencil sketching technique was applied to quickly visualize the first ideas on the paper. Such as approach allows for picturing various concepts without significant efforts and within a short time. Moreover, sketches make the communication much more effective helping clients and managers to understand designers’ ideas. In addition, if clients want to make some changes, it’s much easier to make them at this creative stage than in a digital version with elaborate details.

Here are quick sketches for the Castle Logo.

Castle Logo Sketches

After some discussions, Castle team liked the minimal option of a Castle which is shown below, so the designer moved to the next step which is to create that Sketch in a Vector Program so the Client can use it anywhere without losing the quality.

Castle Final Sketch

The final logo was completed in a flat minimal and luxurious style. A symbol represented the Castle. The Color Palette was chosen according to the client’s expectations. The royal purple color gave the feeling of luxury, loyalty, courage, and magic which made the Logo more modern looking and responded to a current brand strategy.

Castle Logo
Castle Logo Comparison

Both the Brand mark & Wordmark go hand in hand to keep an ultimate balance for brand recognition. After finalizing the Logo design, the creative team moved to work on the Stationary and Brand Style Guide.

Business Card.

This component remains important for successful brand communication for many years. An effective business card can create a positive image in the business community as well as show reliability to customers.

The creative team used the same color palette in the Business Card as in Logo Design to support brand recognizability. We create a two-sided business card — logo on one side and provide short information about the person and contacts.

Castle Business Card


Letterhead is a brand element that will make your message more memorable and increase response rates. Letterhead included Business Details such as the Logo, Company Address and Contact Details. For the letterhead of Castle, the designers decided to go with the same colors and typography to maintain the brand tone. We put the contact information at the Bottom of the Letterhead and the Logo on the top and make it minimal and clean.

Castle Letterhead

Brand Style Guide.

The client was also provided with the guidelines for logo and identity use, including fonts, color palette and stationary. Brand guidelines contain clearly defined rules and standards that convey how your brand should represented to the Audience to maintain consistency.

Brand Style Guide

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