Mascot Logo for a Gaming Team.


Mascot Logo Design for a Gaming Team.


Autodesk Sketchbook, Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop.


The team of AC Platinum wanted to have a Boy as a Mascot. The boy should have a controller floating between his hands and wearing a Headset. For the Color, we decided to go with Blue as the AC Platinum Team suggested to use. 

Once the direction was chosen, the designer started the Sketching Process by using a Graphic Tablet and Autodesk Sketchbook. Once the Sketch was done, we shared that with the Client. If client wants to make changes, it’s much easier to make them at this sketching stage than in a digital version with elaborate details.

AC Platinum Rough Sketch

Once we shared the Rough Sketch with the Team, they really liked it and didn’t have any changes. They wanted us to move to the next step which is to start cleaning that Sketch and add Shading and Highlights in that to give it a realistic look.

AC Platinum Sketch 2

Once the Sketching Stage was completed, then we moved to the final stage which is to start vectorizing that sketch in a Vector Program such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW. Once the vectorizing was done, the designer put the final logo on Mockups by using Adobe Photoshop and shared that with the client to get the final approval. 

AC Platinum Logo
AC Platinum Mockup

Once the Mascot Logo was finalized, the designer sent client the final logo in AI, JPEG, PDF, PNG, SVG & EPS format.

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